INVU Key Features

No other Document Management Software is easier to use. Find out more…


No document management software is easier to use than INVU Series 6. Developed in consultancy with its end users, it makes electronic documents fully searchable via an interface that requires minimal training.


That means INVU EDM packages are simple to install, configure and - most importantly - easy to use on a day-to-day basis. They work in conjunction with your existing IT set up and can be configured in as little as 40 minutes.


Saves time, money and space. By placing all of your documents within easy reach, INVU Series 6 creates huge efficiencies. Less time searching and filing means more time in the areas of your business where you're needed most.


Control your working day from your desk. More powerful and ambitious in scope than any other EDM software, INVU Series 6 keeps you in touch and up to date whether you're at your desk or away from the office.


Minimal upfront investment. INVU guarantees a full return on each license investment within 6 months, making Series 6 the most cost-effective EDM solution on the market place.


Windows-style interface promotes intuitive use. Not only is INVU Series 6 itself easy to use, it is also highly intuitive thanks to an interface design, menu system and folder structure reassuringly familiar to MS Windows users.


Works seamlessly alongside legacy systems. The architecture of INVU Series 6 appeals to IT managers. It makes life easy by operating in harmony with existing software and placing every user in complete control of their working day.

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